Vocational School of Technical Sciences

Genel Görünüm





         Our school was first opened to do night training in 1976 as Petro-Chemistry- Vocational School within the Scope of the YAYKUR (Non-formal Higher Education Institution) project under the Ministry of National Education. The school, which was moved to the Gazi High School building in 1978, was restructured after the Petro-Chemistry Program was closed, and the Chemistry, Machinery and Engine, Business and Accounting Programs were opened, and got the name of Mersin Vocational School. In 1980, with the addition of the Tourism Hotel Management Program, it moved to the Mersin Education Institute building. In 1982, it was connected to Çukurova University. Mersin Vocational School was included in the scope of YÖK (The Council of Higher Education) / World Bank Industrial Education Project in 1988 and restructured under the names of Technical Programs and Economic Administrative Programs. Electricity, Industrial Electronics, Telecommunications, Construction, Air Conditioning-Cooling, Control Systems, Chemistry Programs in Technical Programs and Business, Accounting, Tourism-Hospitality Office Management Programs in Economic Administrative Programs were opened. School graduates achieved 85% success in the teaching exam held in 1990 in order to be assigned to the Industrial Vocational High Schools and Apprenticeship Training Centers affiliated with the Ministry of National Education. In the school, which was affiliated to Mersin University with the Law Number 3837 in 1992, the Stone-Metal Processing Program, which was found in Silifke Vocational School, was structured under the name of Applied Jewelry Technology and added to the Technical Programs in 1996. In the 1997-1998  cademic year, dual education was initiated in Electric and Industrial Electronics Programs. In 1998, Glass Ceramic Technology program and in 2002-2003 Academic Year,Map Cadastre Program were opened. Distance Education Unit was established in 2002 in Mersin Vocational School and began training in the Industrial Electronics program. In the school, which also received the ISO EN 9001: 2000 Quality Certificate in the same year, within the scope of METEP project, Machine, Machinery Drafting & Design technology, Automotive,  Furniture and Decoration Programs in Technical Programs and Hairdressing and Skin Care Programs in Economic and Administrative Programs were opened. Industrial Automation, Electronic Communication, Computer Technology and Programming Programs were also added to the Distance Education System in 2003, the Machinery Drafting & Design technology program was combined with the Machine Program. In 2005, new residential areas were created for the Automotive Laboratory and Distance Education Unit. In the same year, the Economics and Administrative Programs within the school were separated and turned into a new school named Social Sciences Vocational School. With the decision of the General Council of Higher Education dated 26.06.2006, in accordance with the article 7 / D-2 of the Law numbered 2547 amended by the Law numbered 2880, it left Mersin Vocational School and still continues its activities under the name of Technical Sciences Vocational School. Food Processing Department, Food Technology program was opened in 2008-2009 academic year. In the 2017-2018 academic year, the Veterinary Department, Laborant and Veterinary Health program started training with the recruitment of students in formal and dual education. Medical Services and Techniques Department, Opticianry Program was added in 2018-2019 academic year.

Today, Vocational School of Technical Sciences continues its education in 19 programs under 15

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