Department of Fisheries

Genel Görünüm

Aquaculture Program Review


Training has been going on since 1995-1996 acadamic year at this department.

Qualification Awarded:

Students who graduate from this department have a technician diploma.

Level of Qualification (Short Cycle, First Cycle, Second Cycle, Third Cycle): 

Associate’s degree

Specific Admission Requirements:

  1. High-school diploma
  2. Having the needed score of University Entrance Exam

Specific Arrangements For Recognition of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal):

Students are exempted from the lessons that they succeeded in before.


Qualification Requirements and Regulations:

To have at least 2.0 grade point average out of 4.00 in order to complete all the courses (totally 120 ECTS) in the programme, to attend the internship period and to get a passing grade from their internship report.


Profile of The Programme:

This department has an educational plan which has the aim of training water products tecnician’s intermediate staff. The programme especially includes professional knowledge about aquaculture and hunting. Students are educated and trained to improve their research, analysis and application skills and technological knowledge that they will need in the future.


Key Learning Outcomes:

PÇ-1 A Knowing the basic terms of biology and water products .

PÇ-2 B Being able to product fish at fishing farms and off-shores

PÇ-3 C  Being able to make , build and produce all kinds of things about water products huntering

PÇ-4 D Having general information about the diseases  and treatments of fish and water plants

PÇ-5 E Knowing water products regions such as sea, river, lakes in regard to the structure and  ecology

PÇ-6 F Being able to know and use fish feeding tools

PÇ-7 G Having information and ability about aquatic  plants

PÇ-8 H Having the knowledge of professional ethics and communication.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples:


Graduates can attend Faculty of Aquaculture if they are able to pass External Transfer Exam. Our graduates can work in the fish farms, fish markets, aqua cultural waste treatment facilities, private hatchery that produce freshwater and saltwater fish, organizations of Ministry of Agriculture and rural areas , water products marketing, import and export firms.


Access to Further Studies:

Graduated students can attend Faculty of Aquaculture on condition that they are able to pass External Transfer Exam.

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading:

Applied assessment and evaluation for each course is described in detail according to the regulation of  Mersin University  Associate Degree Education and Examination under the title of “instructional plan”

Graduation Requirements:

In order to graduate from the department, the requirements in the qualifications and rules part are enough.

Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning…) :

Full Time

Address, Programme Director or Equivalent:

Head of Department, ECTS Coordinator Lecturer  Şanser DELİOĞLAN

Phone number : 0 324 713 15 22

Fax :  0 324 713 15 23

Mersin Üniversitesi Silifke Meslek Yüksekokulu

Yeni Mahalle Kayraktepe mevkii     Silifke / MERSİN




We have 1 aquaculture engineers, 3 biologist, a vet; four lecturers. Our programme has a practicing field of 750 m2 especially for the aquarium fish studies. In addition there are3 near salmon facilities, 2 gilthead seabream-bass fish screen production facilities and 1 aquarium fish production farm and in the Akgöl-Paradeniz fishery lagoon fishweir, fyke and hunting via net hunting tools where studies take place. More over, there are some diving- schools in the region and the students can practice there.

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