Vocational School of Mersin

Genel Görünüm



E (Distance)-Learning Unit was established as a department of Mersin Vocational School of Mersin University in 2002 and began the education in 2002-2003 academic year initially with Industrial Electronics (Electronic Technology) Program on the basis of internet support.  In 2003, Computer Technologies and Programming (Computer Programming), Electronic Communication (Electronic Communication Technology), Industrial Automation (Control and Automation Technology) Programs were added as well as Business Management and Pharmacy Services in 2009.  Health Facilities Management and Medical Presentation and Marketting Programs became the parts of the Management and Organization Program in 2010.  Moreover, in 2011, Public Relations and Promoting Program joined and the total number of the programs became 9.

Finally, since 2012-2013 academic year; by the addition of Forestry, Cosmetics Technology ,and  Realty and Property Management Programs, the current number of associate (two-year) degree programs have been 12.

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