Department of Accounting and Tax Department

Genel Görünüm

Department of Accounting and Tax Applications

    The two-year Accounting and Tax Applications Associate Degree programme aims to graduate qualified professionals who will serve as intermediate work force demanded by accounting and finance departments of the commercial, accounting and financial consultancy companies. During their studies, students are equipped with skills to understand the basics of accounting as well as its functions and importance, follow rules and regulations regarding their profession, create accounting records and use financial figures in the financial structure analysis and decision making processes and students are provided within formation on accounting documents as well as the principles for developing financial statements. Besides, gaining formation on how to use the accounting package programs, information on the taxation regulations as well as basic concepts regarding tax applications and the taxation process are also covered.

    Graduated students have the possibility of making a vertical transfer to bachelor programmes as Business Administration, Economics and Public Finance due to the vertical transfer exam administered by OSYM (DGS).Vocational school graduates may also apply for distance education degree programmes in addition  to the formal licensing program for vertical transfer. 

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