Vocational School of Anamur

Genel Görünüm




Vocational School of Anamur, which was established in Mersin University in 1995, conducts its education and training activities on the campus called Prof. Dr. Ali Ayhan, which occupies 160 acre of land, in the neighborhood of Ören in Anamur. There are 9 departments and 12 programs in total in our vocational school.Anamur Vocational School has started the 2019-2020 academic year with 8 programs that actively recruit students and 847 students. Anamur Vocational School has 18 academic staff, 1 of which is an associate professor, 2 of which are doctor lecturers, 15 of which are lecturers and 26 administrative staff.

Our programs with active student recruitment are as follows:

1.       Cookery

2.       Gardening

3.       Office Management and Executive Assistant Training

4.       Public Relations and Publicity

5.       Business Management

6.       Marketing

7.       Tourism and Hotel Management

8.       Tourism and Travel Services

Anamur Vocational School will continue its education activities with new programs that will start active student admissions in the 2020-2021 academic year. These new programs are Private Protection and Security, Management of Healthcare Organizations and Child Development. Our vocational school will increase the number of active programs to 11 with these three programs to be activated. In many programs at Anamur Vocational School, our educational activities are carried out based on practice. For this purpose, there are 2.5 acres of greenhouse of banana, 12 acres of garden of avocado, a practice laboratory of cookery program (kitchen), 2 computer laboratories anda practice area of food and beverage services in our vocational school. In addition, a banana garden and an applied guest house, which are planned to be built on 10 acres of land, are among our projects that we are continuing to work on to add value to our vocational school and to increase our education quality. Our vocational school gives great importance to social, cultural and sports activities as well as educational activities. For this purpose, our various student clubs are actively working.

Our student clubs that are actively working are as follows:

1.       Atatürk’s Thought Community

2.       Cultural and Artistic Activities Community

3.       Sports Activities and Events Club

4.       Nature, Mountaineering and Travel Club

5.       Career Club

There is a dormitory for girls and boys affiliated with the Credit and Hostels Institution in our campus. In addition, our vocational school has a canteen, a cafeteria and a lunch room. In addition to all these, the construction of the university mosque and the police station is continuing on the campus of Anamur Vocational School.

Our vocational school was awarded with the Orange Flag by being entitled to the Access at the Place Award within 2019 and 2020 YÖK Barrier-Free University Awards.

Our vocational school has been successfully working as a district exam coordinator of ÖSYM since 1997.

"A World University In The Light of Science and Modernity"