• To develop information and communication technologies related to the needs of the university or to provide them as much as possible,
  • To assist and coordinate activities related to information and communication technologies between the University and other Universities,
  • To prepare the necessary informatics infrastructure for research, development and application, to provide tools and equipment, to offer them to the service of institutions and organizations in the region,
  • Conducting research and applications on the subjects needed by all institutions and organizations benefiting from information and communication technologies in the region,
  • Preparing, implementing and / or having joint projects implemented with non-university institutions, organizations and individuals,
  • To prepare and carry out national and / or international projects in the field of information and communication technologies.
  • Providing consultancy services in the field of information and communication technologies to real and legal persons not affiliated with the university, cooperating when necessary,
  • To realize the information processing, communication and data bank services of the Center, the University and other institutions and organizations in the region and to create the necessary infrastructure,
  • Providing service lessons or providing necessary support in education programs at all levels when requested,
  • In the fields of education, training, research and development that fall within the working areas of the center; To organize scientific and educational meetings such as seminars, symposiums, congresses, conferences, to publish, to conduct joint research and studies with national and international individuals and organizations on these issues,
  • To carry out education and training activities in order to train qualified personnel on information and communication technologies and to give documents and / or certificates to those who are successful,
  • To perform other similar activities in accordance with the working purpose of the Center recommended by the Rectorate and / or decided by the Board of Directors.

"A World University In The Light of Science and Modernity"