Tourism Management

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Aim of tourism management department is to train the executive candidates that the tourism industry is in need of. In this context, both training students in business management and tourism management with operational knowledge, skill and practice and get through them to advanced level of management knowledge, analytical thinking, social relations, hence graduate them as a self-confident individuals.


Department of Tourism Management educates students being knowledgeable and having the ability to use conceptual and practical knowledge  on an advanced level. Graduates  will have the ability to :

·         Take responsibility and work independently

·         use advanced information technology and speak a foreign language at least on B1 level

·         Develop effective communication and relationship with stakeholders

·         Improve him/herself continuously and follow tourism-related local, national and international developments

·          Act in accordance with social, cultural, scientific and ethical values.

 Graduates of this program can work in businesses operating within the tourism industry such as, hotels, travel agencies, transportation companies, food and beverage companies, yacht-marina companies, and entertainment businesses at operational and managerial level. They can also plan their career in other areas of the service sector such as banking, insurance, hospital management, and retail businesses. In addition, they can be a government employee if they get required score from Public Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS).

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