Faculty of Engineering

Genel Görünüm



The Faculty of Engineering was established on 3 July 1992 as one of the six faculties of Mersin University.

In our faculty, there are Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electrical - Electronics Engineering, Food Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering.

The Faculty of Engineering continues its educational activities in 1 administrative block, 4 blocks with 48 rooms each, and 2 classrooms with a capacity of 25 classrooms. All of our departments provide services in areas with equipped laboratories where education, research, application, experimentation, and analysis services are carried out.

Our faculty; With its qualified academic staff, it will provide education and training, with the knowledge and technology it will produce, to create its own resources, to make a technological and economic contribution to the development of our country, by educating pioneering, modern, creative and positive thinking Engineers, who are accepted and appreciated at national and international levels, It acts with the vision of being a proud faculty.

The mission of our faculty is committed to Ataturk's principles and revolutions, does not compromise secularism and Republic principles, is hardworking, produces knowledge and technology and uses its knowledge for the benefit of all humanity, is beneficial to the society, is modern, creative and positive in the light of universal values, participatory, productive and the whole country with the values ​​it creates. To train highly qualified and responsible engineers representing the world.

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"A World University In The Light of Science and Modernity"