Faculty of Aquaculture

Genel Görünüm




Faculty of fisheries at Mersin University was founded in 1992 under the higher education law of 3837 and it has begun its teaching and education during the 1995-1996 academic year and continues its academic liabilities at yenisehir campus beginning 2000-2001 academic year. Based on the academic structuring, Faculty of fisheries consists of 3 departments namely as Basic Aquatic Sciences, Aquaculture and Fish Capturing and Processing. However, teaching and education activities at undergraduate level are carried out in one program called Fisheries Engineering. The program is completed within four years and teaching language is Turkish. Students completing the program graduates as Fisheries Engineer. Graduants could be employed in the institutions connected to Ministries of Food,  Agriculture and Livestock, Environment and Urban Development, Forestry and Water Works, Aquaculture farms and Fish, Shellfish and Aquatic plant Processsing Plants. In addition, Faculty of Fisheries is being represented as Fisheries Graduate program at Institute of Applied Science at Mersin University and therefore carries out postgraduate programs.

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